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The East Hampton Public Library has two rooms available for reservation. The community room holds a maximum of 80 people. The Local History Room holds a maximum of 10 people.

All events held in either room must be free to attend and open to the public. Rooms are available for free to local government, non-profit, community, and civic groups. For-profit institutions may use our rooms for a $50 fee.

To reserve a room, please read our full Meeting Room policy below and fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

East Hampton Public Library Meeting Room Policy

The East Hampton Public Library maintains meeting rooms primarily for library-related activities. When not in use by the Library, meeting rooms may be reserved by non-profit, community or civic groups at no charge. Commercial entities may use rooms for a $50 fee. Rooms are not available for personal or social use (birthday parties, baby showers, etc.) All events must be free and open to the public.

Room Reservation

Room reservations will be accepted in the order of priority shown below. The library reserves the right to reschedule meetings based on these priorities.

  1. Meetings sponsored or co-sponsored by the library.
  2. Meetings held by a Town Department or Official.
  3. Meetings held by East Hampton non-profit groups.
  4. Meetings held by non-profit groups outside of East Hampton.
  5. Meeting held by for-profit organizations.

The library reserves the right to deny requests for use of the room, or cancel a reservation which has been made. Notice of cancellation of a reservation to use a meeting room, for any reason, will be given as far in advance as possible.

Room reservations may be made up to 3 months in advance.

To request use of a meeting room, room users (excepting academic study groups and student/tutor sessions) are required to complete an Application for Use of the East Hampton Community Room or Local History Room and submit the same to the library. Meetings are not scheduled until approval from the Library Director or his/her designee.


Rooms are available at no charge if the reserving organization is either a government, non-profit, community, or civic organization.

A room may be reserved by a commercial entity or for-profit organization for a fee to be set by the Library Director. Fees may be paid by cash or check made out to the ‘Town of East Hampton’ due upon room use.

If a meeting in the Community Room is to occur fully or partially outside of library hours, an opening and/or closing fee to be set by the Library Director will apply. This fee is payable in cash directly to the building custodian at the time of opening or closing. If no building custodian exists or the building custodian is unable to open or close the building, meetings will not be scheduled outside of normal library hours.

Meetings held in the Local History Room must take place and begin/end during the library’s public service hours.

The organization will be held financially responsible for any damage to library equipment or premise.

A cleaning fee of $50 will be assessed if meeting room or kitchen facilities are not left in an orderly and clean condition.

Rules and Regulations

  • Sales of products or services, soliciting donations other than in conjunction with a program or event sponsored or hosted by the library, and/or fundraisers sponsored by non-profit organizations will be considered on a case-by-case basis, and will be approved at the sole discretion of the library.
  • Alcoholic beverages may not be served or consumed anywhere on library property. Smoking or vaping is also not allowed.
  • The reserving organization is responsible for setting up and putting away furniture within the time reserved. The room should be left as found.
  • Kitchen facilities for serving light refreshments are available by previous arrangement.
  • Organizations must request prior permission to use the projector, sound system, or lectern in the Community Room. Reserving organizations are responsible for supplying their own laptop, though one may be available upon request.
  • Decorations, posters etc. may not be affixed to any part of the building (inside or out) without the express permission of the Library Director or his or her designee.
  • Cancellations should be made at least 24 hours in advance or as soon as possible by calling the library at 860-267-6621. Multiple cancellations or failures to appear for room reservations may result in the loss of meeting room privileges.
  • The organization using a Meeting Room is responsible for supervising the meeting and ensuring that meeting attendees adhere to the library’s Code of Conduct. Meetings that will interfere with normal library use will not be permitted. Failure to comply with library policies and Code of Conduct will result in a cancellation of the event and/or a denial of future requests for use of the room.
  • All groups using any meeting room shall agree to hold the Library and Town of East Hampton and all library staff harmless from, and not hold them liable for, all costs, damages, losses, claims and expense incurred directly or indirectly as a result of the group’s use of a meeting room.
  • The signed Application for Use of the East Hampton Community Room or Library Meeting Room constitutes a release by the group and each and all its members of any claim against the library, the Town of East Hampton, and the library staff for any injury to persons or damage to property suffered by such group or any of its members during or as a result of the use of the meeting room.
  • The library reserves the right to prohibit the use of meeting rooms by any organization that does not comply with this policy.
  • The Library Director reserves the right to make exceptions to this policy as deemed appropriate and to establish the procedures and fees necessary to implement it.

(Approved by the Library Advisory Board 9/10/18. Approved by the Town Council 9/25/18)

Reserve a Meeting Room

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