3D Printing

Now offering 3D printing! Below you can find the process to get started on 3D printing.

Please visit this page here to view our 3D Printing Policy and Agreement.

And here’s what you should know:

  • You must receive an email of approval before we take the next steps.
  • Pick up dates for prints will vary – we will contact you!
  • We have a right to turn down anything we deem inappropriate or otherwise.
  • Payment is required before printing begins.
  • 3D printing is $1.00 for anything under 3 hours and $.50 for each additional hour.
  • Designated paperwork must be signed.
  • Price, quality, and filament color are subject to change.
  • Call to see what color we are currently printing in.
  • You can find 3D models on great sites such as: TinkerCad, Thingiverse, or Printables!

What are you looking for?