Adopt an Author

Be the first to read your favorite author!

Join our Adopt an Author Program!  When your adopted author publishes a new book,  we’ll order it and add it to our collection.  You sponsor that book with a donation to the library to cover the cost of the book (usually 45% off retail!) and you’ll be the first to read that new title and will be recognized with a plate in the book! This is a wonderful way to support the East Hampton Public Library.


The Cost:

Cost of the book (usually 45% off retail!)


The Benefits:

  • Be the first to read your favorite author’s new books
  • Less expensive than buying the book yourself
  • Support your local library
  • Share your favorite author(s) with the community
  • Recognition with a special bookplate inside the book


If you ever want to cancel your adopt an author sponsorship, please just let us know.


Ready to sign up? Let’s get started!

  • So that we may be able to place your adopted author's book on hold for you.
  • We will let you know if your author has already been adopted.
  • For example: Sponsored by ____; In Memory of _____; In Honor of ____
  • (Type name to acknowledge)

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