Wi-Fi Hotspots

The East Hampton Public Library is excited to announce that we now have five hotspots available for check out!

Hotspots allow any Wi-Fi enabled device to connect to the Internet. Don’t have access to the Internet at the moment? Do you need Wi-Fi for a long car ride? Want to take your homework to the park and get out of the house? Well, we’ve got you covered!

Call us or come in to borrow yours today!

Hotspot Policy

Hotspots are available on a first come, first serve basis to Library card holders with a valid Connecticut public Library card, who are over age 17, and with outstanding fines of less than $10.00 on record in our database. One hotspot per household. Hotspots may be checked out for one week and cannot be renewed.

The Library reserves the right to refuse lending to patrons who abuse equipment or who are repeatedly return Hotspots late. The Library is not responsible for any liability, damages, or expense resulting from use or misuse of the hotspot and its connection to other electronic devices, or data loss resulting from use of the Hotspot.

  • Once a hotspot is checked out to you, it becomes your responsibility.
  • If a hotspot is lost or damaged, you will be charged a $150.00 replacement fee.
  • If a charging cord, charging block, or case is lost or damaged, you will be charged a replacement fee not to exceed $20.
  • You should have a basic working knowledge of the device on checkout. If you encounter any technical problems, you should contact the Head of Circulation and Technical Services, Sam Bolton, by phone at 860-267-6621 or by email at sbolton@easthamptonct.gov
  • Hotspots should be returned to the East Hampton Public Library front desk or to the book drop. Hotspots should never be returned to another library.
  • If the hotspot is 3 days overdue, the Wi-Fi service will stop working.
  • CAUTION: do not leave Hotspot in a hot car. High heat will damage device.                       

By checking out a Wi-Fi hotspot, you accept the above loan policy and agree to return this equipment to the East Hampton Public Library in good working condition and free from damage.

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