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What’s an Exploration Kit?

Exploration kits are curated mystery boxes of library materials – books, movies, music and more – that help you discover something new and amazing.  A great weekend activity, Exploration Kits are perfect for families looking to learn together or for individuals who want to broaden their horizons in a new and fun way!

Seasonal Exploration Kits – Limited Edition!

  • Christmas Cheer: Go all out on Christmas this year with holiday movies, books and music! Plus we’ll even include supplies to make your own popcorn garland.
  • Celebrate the Season: Learn about winter holidays around the world including Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Chinese New Year, the Solstice and more!  You’ll also receive a DIY Lap Book and supplies to light up the night on the darkest day of the year.

Always Available Exploration Kits

  • Vacation in a Box:  Travel the world – no plane ticket required!  We’ll pick out four to eight items – travel books, cookbooks, memoirs, foreign films and more – all about a unique world-wide destination.   Where will we send you?  Choose Vacation in a Box to find out!
  • The Hobby Enthusiast: Learn a new skill – just for fun!  We’ll pick out four to eight items – how-to books, memoirs, instructional DVDs – to help you learn (or learn about!) a new hobby.  Will you become a birder?  A bass player?  A baker?  Choose The Hobby Enthusiast to find out!
  • Let’s Get Esoteric:  Take a deep dive into a little known subject.  We’ll pick out three to eight items that all take you deep into a topic that not many people know about.  Will you learn about typography, etymology or melittology?  Choose Let’s Get Esoteric to find out!
  • New! Curious Kids:  Did your child finish their distance learning assignment before 9am? Or are you feeling a little zoom fatigue?  We’ll create a supplemental learning kit with four to six tangible items related to a topic of your choice – or a surprise one created by our children’s department!

Plus, every box includes a note from a librarian on why we chose the materials and how we put your box together.  Exploration Kits showcase the best materials the Library has to offer.  Try one today by filling out the form below.

Requests submitted before Thursday at noon will be available via Curbside Pickup on Friday after 2:00pm.

Requests submitted after Thursday at noon will be available for pickup the following Friday.

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    If you'd like additional exploration kits, please choose from our original, 'always available' kits.

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