Faster fiber internet available now!

The East Hampton Public Library is pleased to announce a new fiber internet connection made possible through a $26,000 grant from the Connecticut State Library.  

The Library was previously served by DSL and Cable internet but suffered from slow download speeds and not enough bandwidth to accommodate library patrons internet and wireless needs. 

The Library’s new fiber-optic connection to the Connecticut Education Network will allow patrons faster and more reliable internet access.  On average between 500 and 600 people per month use the Library’s public access computers with more who use the Library’s wireless connection from their own devices.  

The East Hampton Public Library serves as a critical gateway to information outside of our own community, and in the Information Age this role has become even more important. Libraries give people without home computers free access to the Internet, helping residents close the digital divide. As reliance upon public libraries to provide broadband telecommunications services for their community increases, it becomes essential to have universal high speed connectivity in our library.

In 2015, the Connecticut General Assembly appropriated $3,600,000 for Grants-in-Aid for high-speed connections to the Connecticut Education Network (P.A. 15-1 Sec. 13(j)(2)).   The East Hampton Public Library was awarded a competitive grant for a high-speed fiber connection to the Connecticut Education Network (CEN) in 2018.

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